Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Started on Blocks #1 & #2

Well ... finally on Sunday night I started cutting out the fabric pieces (some so very tiny) for block #1 and #2. And I have the #1 blocks (all 4) done but none are exactly 6 1/2 " !!!! But all are very close. Not sure if i'll try to redo one of them and see if I can get closer to 6 1/2" ... we'll see. I will begin sewing #2 blocks (there are 12) today, Tuesday. Wish me luck ... no ... no ... say a prayer for me!!!

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Eleana said...

Melissa, i am so proud of you for getting the t-shirt quilt done, well almost.. Throw on the binding and give away to it's owner.. Don't forget to take pictures. I had started taking pixs of my completed projects but, stopped about 2 years ago.. I'm a loser! Can't wait to see your blocks and everyone elses. Oh, and Sunday will be so much fun, more block to add to our stash.. And much more homework!
You'll do just fine, but i'll still say a little prayer! God Bless! Love you...

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