Monday, March 2, 2009

Email from Ricki, she said i could post it!

Hello all,
I really enjoyed meeting all the new class members last Sunday, and also seeing lots of familiar faces back for more fun! We will have an interesting 10 months together as we all (I am making the new version too!) build our beautiful quilts. Yes, it is a lot of work each month, but no one will be checking to see if you have completed each section by the next class, so just work at your own pace and have fun!
I really did stress a "SCANT quarter inch" for accuracy so your quilt will go together easily at the end. We just got our shipment of "Purple Thangs", so if you have been waiting to start, you can visit the quilt shop to purchase one. Remember that the sewing line should be just UNDER THE EDGE of the 1/4" top of the Purple Thang, not outside of it. Do make one single block first, instead of chain piecing all of them, and check that it measures 6 1/2"--very important. If you don't own a 6 1/2" square ruler, I recommend you treat yourself--it just makes things so much easier. AND, when you finish with Month Two, you will have a "top" that measures exactly 36 1/2" square--YES--life is good!
I did a lot of talking and demonstrating at our first meeting, sharing as many cutting and stitching tips as I could. I won't be so long-winded at our next meetings, but I will be happy to repeat for anyone who needs extra help--just ask. My plan is to point out the tricks and shortcuts in that month's directions, and to demonstrate the block. At that point I would suggest that everyone make at least one block to be sure I have answered your questions. You may stay and sew at each class, or not--it's up to you. The first two months are very easy. The fifth month, our June meeting, is a real "doozy"--you will definitely want to make one block in class. Don't worry--it is a beautiful block--just a very strange construction--you will be so proud to have tackled it!
I will be happy to answer any questions you have--just e-mail me at and I will get back to you ASAP. That being said, my "upgraded " AOL account is giving me fits, and I plan to change it soon. I will let you know my new e-mail when that happens.
Happy Quilting!
Ricki BremerTall Mouse Arts and Crafts

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