Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making it happen, one glance at a time...

So, first i think i'll pull out what i think are the correct fabrics. Kathy noticed that three of the blues are so close, pay close attention Ellie is what i say.. Then cut out my little swatches of fabric to reference to while cutting and actually putting together each block.. Pay close attention Ellie is what i keep saying... I'm excited about our new project, nervous for perfection, and glad i'm going to dive into the quilt this weekend! Stay tuned for updates and pictures of one of the hardest quilts i've ever attempted to make.
Close your eyes and pray for me!

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Annamaria said...

This is HARD!! I don't like my seam ripper and we are fast becoming glued together! How the heck do I sew a STRAIGHT line? Because that's my biggest problem! I've got the scant quarter at various places but not throughout because I just can't get it straight . . . I've got wiggles! UGH! I can't see myself chalking every line because it would definitely take forever! But slow and steady is my mantra . . . S L O W . . . yes I can do this!!

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