Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished Constructing 15 House Blocks

Yes, i'm participating in the same swap all over again. I have two swaps actually, one at work (9) and (6) at my Monday night circle of friends table. The (9) ones are actually all the same blocks and the Monday night one has a few different fabrics interchanged, still looks nice. Now i have to make all the other accents for the house, 6 are due in Dec and the others in June 2010. The work is in sewing down the pieces and making sure no raw edge are showing. When i get done, i think i'm going put together one big one and bring it up to Big Bear to hang on my wall in the living room. All together there will be 16 blocks for this quilt.. I will also come up with a different finished look.

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Melissa said...

OH ... I am so far behind ... maybe I'll do my houses next ... after the Quilts of Valor!!!

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